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Bangla Boxing Stadium

Bangla Boxing Stadium MUAY THAI TICKETS Phuket

Where Tradition Meets Thrill

Welcome to the heart of Phuket’s vibrant entertainment scene, the iconic Bangla Boxing Stadium. Nestled in the lively Patong Beach area, our stadium is not just a venue for world-class Muay Thai fights but an experience that fuses tradition, adrenaline, and a touch of Phuket’s unique energy.


The Spirit of Muay Thai


Bangla Boxing Stadium stands as a testament to the ancient art of Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport. Feel the energy as you step into our arena, where the echoes of centuries-old traditions collide with the electrifying excitement of modern combat sports.

Live Action, Unforgettable Moments

Every night at Bangla Boxing Stadium is a spectacle of strength, skill, and sportsmanship. Watch as highly trained fighters, both local and international, showcase their prowess in the ring. Our events promise an adrenaline-packed experience, making it a must-visit for fight enthusiasts and casual spectators alike.

Authentic Atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the authentic Thai atmosphere that permeates our stadium. From the vibrant crowd cheering in unison to the sound of traditional Thai music setting the rhythm for each fight, Bangla Boxing Stadium offers an unparalleled cultural experience.


Beyond the Ring

Bangla Boxing Stadium is not just about the fights. Discover a range of amenities and services that ensure a complete and memorable evening. Indulge in delectable Thai cuisine, enjoy refreshing beverages, and capture the moments with our professional photographers.

Bangla Muay Thai ticket

VIP Ringside seat : 19X0 THB
Stadium seat : 1,5X0THB 
Tues.,Wed.,Fri. and Sun. (With 8 Bouts)
Show time  9.00-11.45 PM.

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VIP Ringside Experience

For those seeking the ultimate experience, our VIP ringside seats bring you as close to the action as possible. Feel the intensity, hear the thud of each strike, and witness the fighters’ determination up close. It’s a ringside seat to the pulse-pounding heart of Muay Thai.


Visit Us Today

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the excitement at Bangla Boxing Stadium. Whether you are a seasoned fight fan or a curious traveler looking for a unique cultural experience, we invite you to witness the passion and power of Muay Thai in the heart of Phuket.


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Join us at Bangla Boxing Stadium, where the legacy of Muay Thai comes alive every night!

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